Our Services

At Integra for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell, we offer:

  • Psychosocial intervention
  • Educational and mutual support groups
  • Alternative living environments
  • Community integration activities
  • Skills and abilities development
  • Adult and child protection services
  • Services adapted for special needs
  • Advice and orientation

Our clients are:

Children and adults who are physically and mentally challenged

  • Parents who need coaching
  • Youth with mental health problems
  • Youth and adults in need of protection
  • Adults who are mentally handicapped

Any individual who needs information on a program or service available in Prescott-Russell.

Our programs and services offer:

  • Psychosocial intervention, in allowing our clients to participate in different educational and helping groups during their daily activities.
  • Management and coordination of an alternative living network, which means ordinary homes, shared homes or foster homes.
  • The organization of a wide range of activities aimed towards social integration of our clients while developing their personal skills.
  • Delivering specialized services, adapted to the particular needs of our clients (behavioral change, group therapy, physiotherapy, psychiatric and psychological follow-ups of people under our care, preservation of the family unit).
  • Delivery of protection services under our mandate as required by Law of Youth Protection.