Q:At what age can my child stay home alone or baby-sit?

A:The Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) says that a child under 16 years of age, cannot be left alone without his or her parents making adequate arrangements for his or her supervision and care. Also, there are other factors that need to be considered when deciding if a child can be left alone for a short period of time such as the child’s development level, the child’s ability to communicate, the time of day the child is left alone, the duration of the adult’s absence, the child’s maturity, the child’s individual strengths/skills/abilities, the child’s access to a responsible adult, the safety of the family environment and the neighborhood.

Children under 10 years of age must never be left alone without the supervision of a capable person who is able to exercise good judgment in ensuring the child’s well being and safety.

If your child under 16 years of age babysits other children, you must ensure that your child is able to exercise good judgment and has access to an adult in case of an emergency.

Q :How can I prevent my ex-spouse from having access to his children?

A:The Services are not mandated to manage or resolve custody battles between separated parents. You must consult a lawyer. We do not become involved as it may encourage parents in making constant complaints against each other, unless the child’s safety and emotional well-being is a concern.

Q:I am the grandfather of the child and I would like to obtain information pertaining to the reasons of your involvement.

A:For confidentiality issues, we are forbidden to disclose any information pertaining to a file to a third party, whether it is a member of the extended family or a member of the community. A written consent by the parent is required. Should you be informed of the situation, we will contact you.

Q:I would like to file a complaint against a worker, what are the procedures?

A:We ask you to contact us at 1 800 675-6168. The quality of our services is paramount at Integra for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell and as a result, we have put in place a complaint procedure. A worker will gladly provide you with instructions on the procedure. Your complaint will be treated in a timely response.

Q :Can I have access to my file?

A:Yes, if the file is under your name. You will be allowed to come to the agency and consult your file. You are asked to send us a letter explaining the reason of your request, accompanied by the date, your signature along with your address and telephone number. Upon reception of your letter, an intake worker will be in touch with you in order to provide you with details regarding the access to your file. Also, a thirty (30) day delay will apply following the reception of your letter in order to allow us to prepare your file.

Q:Can I become a foster parent?

A:There are criteria that apply to those who wish to become foster parents. We ask that you contact us and provide us with your address and telephone number. A worker will contact you within 10 days following your initial call. In order to become a foster parent, you will need to undergo an assessment, allow us to conduct record checks as well as participating in training sessions. We will meet with you in order to assess if you meet the selection criteria.

Q:Can my child, who is 16 years of age or older, receive counseling services?

A:It is preferable that your child, who is 16 years of age and older, call him or herself as the services will be strictly voluntary. We strongly suggest that you discuss the matter with your child and have him or her call us, or you may call with his or her approval. If your child accepts, we will offer our services. As well, we may offer family counseling, on a voluntary basis only. If your child refuses our services, we cannot become involved. If your child is under the age of 16, we can become involved.

Q :Do you offer couple therapy?

A:If conflicts are family related, such as a difference of opinion in regards to disciplining the children or the family structure, we can offer our services. However, if the conflicts are strictly couple related, we ask you to seek counseling through your employment assistance program, the “Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie” or another organization in the Ottawa region offering either public or private services

Q:Can my son and daughter share the same room?

A:It is preferable that two children of opposite sexes have their own room. That being said, if circumstances are temporary, it may possibly be acceptable. If it is the case, you will need to ensure that there is proper supervision. If we receive a call regarding this matter, we may assess the situation, depending on the circumstances.

Q :What kind of information can be disclosed in adoption cases?

A:Adult adoptees, adoptive parents and birth relatives (birth parent, birth grandparent, adult birth sibling) may request a copy of non-identifying information.

For adoption disclosure services, the adult adoptee and the birth parent both have to register with the Adoption Disclosure Registry of Ontario.

Please take note that there is a new Adoption Services Act that will likely be in effect 18 months after November 2005. This new Act will modify the procedure for adoption disclosure information. For more information call us.

Q : How can I join a workshop offered by Integra

A: You need to contact our agency, and we will process your registration. The workshop leader will contact you in the days following the reception of your registration.